Are You Ever Really Free of Cancer?

Are You Ever Really Free of Cancer?

There are many letters, articles, books Facebook postings, blogs, tweets, filled with personal and professional sharings of having survived cancer. When I read them I am filled with hope for the authors, and for the subjects that have supplied their clinical information for a scientific study. The projected statistical information that things are looking good Read more about Are You Ever Really Free of Cancer?[…]

Why is Florence Nightingale Important Today?

We are all guardians to the professions that we have educated ourselves to go forth and deliver. Many years of working as a nurse, then entrepreneur, film producer and author would pass before I again would think of Florence Nightingale. About 40 years. What was it about this early heroine that had meaning to me Read more about Why is Florence Nightingale Important Today?[…]

Kelley Johnson, Miss America

Two Minutes and Three Seconds

Two minutes and three seconds. The talent portion of the Miss America pageant over the last two decades has produced predominately singers, dancers and musical instrument performances. Have you been impressed? Were you wowed? Did you feel like you knew or “felt in a powerful way,” who the young and beautiful women were who were Read more about Two Minutes and Three Seconds[…]