Happy Nurses Day 2019!

Happy Nurses Day 2019! The Diversity of Nursing Experts

 I often state that I am a nursing expert. And just as often I wonder how this description is perceived.

One year ago today, I spent Nurses Day with a nurse from Croatia and a nurse from South Africa. I then went to the Middle East and met with nurses who unexpectantly expanded my respect of who a nursing expert was. I came into contact with nurses that would not consider themselves worthy of being called an expert – but their assessment of patients and populations, the standards they developed for the care they delivered; utilizing highly diverse, sophisticated and meager resources, continue to inspire me.

This past year I have continued to find nurses and their stories that are motivating and many times hidden except to themselves and their patients and families.   “You know when you have a great nurse…because you can feel it” is true for our patients and ourselves. This is a source of joy for nurses from the beginning of ones career and throughout.

Let us all have our lives enriched by the expertise of nurses not in the realms we have chosen to practice in. Let us encourage, listen and collaborate with nurses whose expertise is different from our own. The inclusion of a broader definition and sphere of nursing experts adds value and depth to us as individuals and as a profession.  The energy, pride and growth that diverse individual contributors provide, unites us and promotes the necessary inputs that will further challenge and strengthen the value of nursing’s contribution to the health of nations worldwide. 

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